Letter from the Chapter

If you ask one of us what Sigma Kappa means to us, we would give you a million answers. We would tell you about our academic accomplishments, our philanthropic work, and our campus involvement. But mostly, we would tell you about the incredible friendships we have made in the chapter. In our cohesive community of over 150 women, our members find themselves surrounded by extraordinary role models and life-long friends. They gain the unique opportunity to challenge themselves, to fail, to learn, and to grow, all while surrounded by the unwavering support of our sisterhood. Sigma Kappa offers an outstanding example of women selflessly support one another through personal growth towards success. Through late-night studying, early morning nursing clinical, and learning how to properly cook chicken, our members are always there with a helping hand.

As Sigma Kappa members, we focalize on four core values that drive our actions, initiatives, and community participation in Sigma Kappa: service, personal growth, loyalty and friendship. We perform an incredible amount of philanthropic work through several fundraising events throughout the year including Rock for a Cure, Answers for Alzheimer’s, and Night to Remember. Our members also participate in an extraordinary amount of service within the Milwaukee community. As a chapter, we also participate in Marquette’s Hunger Clean-up event and Midnight Run program. Our members undergo incredible personal growth into confident, creative, empowered, and innovative young women. While we may walk shyly up the back steps, our members walk confidently out the front door. We are exceptionally loyal to Sigma Kappa, our sisters, and ourselves. The friendships our members make during their time in Sigma Kappa are the most impactful aspect of their experience. During the time in Sigma Kappa, our members meet exceptional role models and life-long friends.

To anyone considering Sorority Life, joining Sigma Kappa is an incredible opportunity for all students. We wish everyone had the opportunity to feel what it means to be a Sigma Kappa: the pride, excitement, and love we associate with our chapter.

Live with Heart.