Recruitment FAQ

What is recruitment?

Recruitment is a week of events where any interested young women can meet and potentially join the Panhellenic sorority chapters on campus. Formal recruitment at Marquette takes place at the beginning of the spring semester.

Where can I sign up for recruitment? 

More information to come for Spring 2021 recruitment!

To learn more visit Marquette's Greek Life page here.

How does recruitment work?

There are three rounds of recruitment at Marquette. The first round is Meet The Chapters where you will visit every sorority on campus and get to learn a little more about the women in each chapter, their values, philanthropies, and sisterhood as a whole. This lasts for two days and you will visit three chapters on the first night and three chapters on the second night. After meeting every sorority you will talk to your Recruitment Counselor about how you’re generally feeling about the process so far and what you like about the chapters you met. The second round of recruitment is Philanthropy Night where you will learn more about what philanthropies each chapter supports and the different events they do for their philanthropies. The third round of recruitment is Preference Night where you will visit up to two sororities that you choose for a longer and more intimate conversation about what it would be like to be a sister in that chapter and to ask any questions you still have. After the three rounds is Bid Day where you officially join a chapter!

What should I wear for recruitment?

You’ll have a recruitment counselor throughout the process who can help you with this but the round progressively gets dressier. Meet the chapters you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in, usually, a sweater and jeans and booties are popular. For Philanthropy round business casual is popular and for Preference, it’s encouraged to dress up.

How much does recruitment cost?

Recruitment at Marquette is free!

Can I join a sorority without going through Recruitment?

Yes and no, some sororities will participate in Continuous Open Bidding, “COB”, after recruitment but not all sororities do. To learn more about COB and if a chapter will be going through it, reach out to a sorority in the weeks after recruitment ends!

Can I go through recruitment even though I’m not a freshman?

Yes! Every year tons of sophomores and even juniors go through the recruitment process!

What should I talk about during recruitment?

Just talk about yourself! This is the only time for the sororities to really get to know you so don’t be afraid to show off how cool and fun you are. What was your high school like? How are you liking Marquette? Why do you want to go Greek? What do you do for fun? The opportunities are endless!

Is there hazing after joining a sorority?

No, there is a zero-tolerance policy for hazing on Marquette’s campus. Sigma Kappa has never and will never haze their new sisters.


You can find our Parent FAQ’s here and feel free to reach out to any of our sisters with more questions.